Sunday, October 26, 2008

Princess Noriah

Last weekend I went to a friends' baby shower, This is my favorite thing to do, even though I never win a prize. This was a very special baby shower and a very special baby. Lindsey, the expectant mom, was very happy and we all watched as she opened my present. Being the owner of, of course I gifted her with our charming products. This is the part I love to watch as expectant mothers unwrap and then first set their eyes on LullabyBabe banners! I gave her a banner and a birth print.
… So here she is a she unwraps the banner and realizes that this something special!

This is the part I like!

She was ecstatic at the sight of it and you
should have heard all the "Ooohs and Aaahs" All the ladies thought it was so precious. The banner is printed from my original artwork on banner material and hung from a wooden hanger. It is hand embellished to make it sparkle. Lindsey had no room theme, so now she has one!!

So then she went to open her second present from me which was the Baby Birth Print. This print is precious to give to a new mom. It comes with the baby's name weight, date of birth (projected date of birth) , length (all of which are just made up until the baby is born, then you send us the info and we send you a new print with correct info). The print also comes with or without a quote. In this instance I used a bible verse " I prayed for this child and the Lord answered my prayers"

And as she read the verse aloud her voice cracked and got softer. Her sister said" Read louder". Lindsey responded, " I can't!" And she was crying. When she finally was able to read it louder, everyone was crying, including me! (I had cried making it!!) We all knew how precious and blessed this birth was to Lindsey and her husband Jake.Come visit our new online store atLullabyBabe

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nursery Banners

LullabyBabe is announcing our newest addition! A beautiful banner that will make any child's room personal and charming. These banners are giglee prints on vinyl banner material for durability to last. they are reproduced from original artwork by Rita Bomberry and hand embellished. The banners come mounted on a wooden rod with a ribbon for hanging. You can order one by visiting us at
More designs are coming so please visit us often to see what we have in store!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Web Site

My blog has been launched and now I am drawing, drawing, drawing!! With the fall days being so beautiful in the Midwest, the trees have just popped into colors of the autumn, and houses around me firing up those fireplaces I am really getting into the fall feeling of things. I am loving sitting on my porch working on new ideas for I love it that several of the girls that I watched grow up with my kids are pregnant or have new babies. They are the lucky ones cause they get to enjoy my freebies that I give out when I try a new product!!
So this week I am working on my Web storeand trying to learn about the system and get photos of my product on there. I am having so much fun! I really never believed that I could make money doing what I loved to do, even though I always heard that, but I'm glad you really can. My grandson that lives with me is learning to draw too. He is always wanting to scribble on something.
Keep coming by. Bring a cup of coffee and we'll sit and talk awhile. And visit my web store.