Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Blues

So I am going through some photos and come across this photo of my grandson Eli, who I nicknamed Bubby. He was so little in this photo! I miss him being a baby. He is now 2 1/2 and starting to talk. As much as I loved him being little, I love him becoming a little guy! I always wanted him to call me grandma, or mimi, or nana but much to my dislike he calls me Memaw. I have never really liked that name for grandma, but I guess since I call him Bubby, he can call me Memaw.
He was a happy little guy! Such a ham too! He was actually smiling at one week old, laughing in his sleep. I have no idea what a baby has to laugh about, but I guess the angels were being funny, cause he would lay there sleeping and his precious little laugh was such a delight. I can hardly wait to see what a happy little kid he grows into and pray that he doesn't get sullen in his teen years. I think I will frame this photo because this just makes me smile! Hope you are having a wonderful smiley week too!!

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